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Workshop on "Mastering Mind" (Hindi/English)

Do you want to:

- be in control of your life

- be confident and make smart choices

- feel inspired and motivated

- be more efficient and productive with work

- be positive and caring human beings

- attract great people and opportunities

- be in a healthy fulfilling relationship

- live a life of passion and purpose

- achieve your goals and dreams

You must unlearn limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking habits. You will know how to shift your mindset from panic and pain to poise and power.

Wellness, happiness and success are mind skills they can learn and master. You can learn how to create an extraordinary life by design, not put up with an average life by default.

You are invited to attend this free seminar where Dr Santosh Parab will reveal to people the secret power of the mind and show you five powerful mental practices to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset.

Course Fee - 0 INR 100% off (Save Rs. 25,000/-) Attend Free Seminar and get gifts worth Rs.10,000/-


Registration Time(Kandivali): 10.30 AM to 11.00 AM

Registration Time(Dadar): 6.30 PM to 7.00 PM

Address detail will be provided by Call/Email.

Contact No: +91 9769106660/+91 9323300111


SANTOSH S. PARAB, PH.D., is an internationally renowned speaker in the field of self-development. He has created many audio programs and videos. With more than 20 years experience in business and coaching, he continually brings new inspiration to his clients through his signature Mind Programming. His intuitive style and unique suite of holistic methods accelerate personal and professional growth more rapidly than traditional coaching.

He holds a Doctorate in Transforming human life through subconscious mind power and was a professor of psychology. Being a certified NLP Master Practitioner from ANLP, UK, he is well-known Master Hypnotist and Subliminal Expert in India.

He has gained many years of practical successful experience. And now he has opened treasury of his knowledge, powerful speaking ability, magical teaching methods and proven and time-tested ideas for all to enhance the working capability of individual to the optimum level thereby helping to produce the best results personally and collectively for their organization.When he's not traveling the globe delivering his uplifting message, Dr. Santosh Parab is writing from his home in Mumbai.

Being a hi-tech pshycologist, Dr. Santosh Parab holds membership of followings...

* Being self-controlled can help you overcome all of your obstacles to success and happiness and it can definitely help you live a rich, more satisfying life.

* Do you want to know how to overcome the hurdle of exams?

* Do you want to know How to beSuccessful in Any Business and Achieve Your Goals & Dreams?

* Do you want to stay stress-free?

* Have you always wanted to take success steps for your relationship but were afraid to take that step?

* Want to Master the Skill of Being a Great Sales Person?

* Do you want to tap into your mental power to improve your physical power to be a Gold medalist sports person?.

* Get answers to all these and much more obstacles experienced and affected your growth of life success...

* In this highly reviewed workshop, you will find ways to master your mind to empower you from within and way of learning skills to charismatic leadership in every life aspect.





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