NLP Practitioner Course

This training program will equip you to master conversational hypnosis, professional coaching and therapy, and changework, and help you to become a successful communicator on both a conscious and subconscious level.
This course has been prepared by internationally known psychologist and hypnosis trainer Santosh Parab,Phd, and contains 3 days residual programme designed to demonstrate practical applications of the neuro-linguistic programming techniques in this course.

Full payment Fee: 35,000

Event Dates
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coming soon
3 days course

• Definition of NLP
• NLP Communication Model
• Five Principles of Success
• State-VS- Goals
• Keys to an Achievable Outcome
• The Presuppositions of NLP
• Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind
• Observing other people
• Rapport
• Representational system Preference test
• Predicates
• List of Predicates
• Favored Representational System
• Intonation Patterns
• Eye Pattern Chart
• Eye Pattern Questions
• Submodalities
• Examples of triggers in NLP Contexts
• Submodalities Like to Dislike Script

• Submodalities Belief Change Script
• Submodalities Check Lists
• Swish Patterns Big picture
• Submodalities Swish Pattern Script
• The Conscious Use of language
• Hierarchy of Ideas
• Milton Model
• Metaphor Outline
• The Meta Model
• Anchoring
• State Elicitation Script
• States For Stacking Anchors
• Collapse Anchors
• New Orleans Flexibility Drill
• NLP Change Personal History
• Physiology of Excellence
• The 6 Step Sales Strategy
• Negotiation- Influencing
• The Meeting Format

Are you ready to take your counseling to the next level?

Are you ready to master conversational hypnosis?

Do you want to become the most influential and powerful person you can become?

This course awards over 30 hours of approved continuing education credit for counselors and therapists, and by completing this independent study professional NLP course, you will become certified as a "Certified Professional NLP Practitioner (CPNLP).

With this course you will receive the most important book Book of NLP Techniques by Santosh Parab available today to help you develop deep skills in both the practice of NLP and the business of coaching:

You will also receive two powerful subliminal suggestion CD's, a Rs. 6000 value, designed to help you better absorb the material and experience success.

Do you want to be a more successful hypnotist?

Do you want to be a more effective communicator?

Do you want to help people make lasting change in therapy?

Do you want to Influence others and create personal power?

Location: Mumbai

Dates: To be anounce soon.

Pace: Three Days completion time.

Cost: Rs. 78000

Registration deadline: None. Register anytime for free.

Instructor:Santosh Parab, PhD., Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Member: Indian School of Psycology Association, Member: International Association of Applied Psychology.

Text Books (E-Book format): As part of the course (included in the total price of this course), you will receive e-books by Santosh S. Parab, PhD, Clinical Hypnotherapist.