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Money Magnet

Rs.12500/- Rs.25000/-

Do you want to get money in abundance into your life and manifest your desires in the form of large amounts of money, and financial freedom? If you want then you are on the door step of your success. Those people who attracted money with the help of law of attraction believe on it. Their minds work according to their desire and prevent them from negative thoughts which can hold them back. They set a desire of anything in their mind and they know that they will achieve it. This is the only way to really make the law of attraction work, a complete belief, and synchronization between your action, your thoughts, and your unconscious mind. In this program you will learn that how your subconscious mind is related to your whole body and your thinking. How your thinking affects your complete life, how you can change your way of thinking, how you can rewire your mindset and can change your life. You will become a tree from seed with strong roots inside the earth and no one can fall you down. You will learn that our thought is the unseen magnet, it ever attracting the things we want. Everyone in this world wants to attract money in his life. Everybody has a dream for something, and he want money to fulfill his dream. It is completely based on our thoughts and our thinking. You are now going to work to align your subconscious mind with your conscious mind to attract money, prosperity and wealth in your life, it means that not only your conscious thoughts, actions, and behaviors all working towards your goals of prosperity, but your subconscious mind is focused on attracting money, boosting the energy you are directing to manifest your wishes and maximizing the returns.